Privacy Policy

Lyrics World Music respects your privacy. This privacy policy was created to clarify to readers the type of personal information we receive when you are reading the posts. This clarification will help you feel safe on the blog

Lyrics World Music does not store any personal information of its readers such as name, address or any other data that can identify you outside the Web.

The Mundo Blogger server automatically stores your IP address, Browser, Operating System, language, date and URL used for navigation (This procedure is standard and all blogs and Internet sites do it automatically for statistical purposes )
Lyrics World Music does not use any data collected for commercial purposes. The data we collect, automatically, is used solely and exclusively for internal statistical purposes and, under no circumstances, is disclosed to the public.

We use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This may include a simple popup, or a link to various services we provide, such as forums.
The cookies that are used on this website can be installed by the same, which originate from the different servers operated by it, or from the third party servers that provide services and install cookies and / or web beacons (for example, cookies that are employees to provide advertising services or certain content through which the user views advertising or content at a predetermined time). The user will be able to search his computer's hard disk according to the browser's instructions.

Google makes use of the new DART Cookie to serve ads based on your interests and your visit to our blog and other web addresses. You can choose not to use the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad ads page and the Google content and ads network privacy program < / a>.
We also use third-party advertising to support maintenance costs. Some of these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies and / or web beacons when posting ads on this site, which will cause these advertisers (such as Google through Google AdSense) to also receive your personal information, such as the IP address, the your ISP, your browser, etc. This function is generally used for geotargeting (showing advertising from São Paulo only to readers coming from São Paulo for example) or displaying advertising targeted to a type of user (such as showing restaurant advertising to a user who visits cooking sites regularly, for example ).

You can turn off your cookies, in your browser options, or by making changes to the Anti-Virus program tools. However, this may change the way you interact with this site or others. This may affect, or not allow you to log in to programs, websites or forums of our and other networks.

Users have the possibility to configure their browser to be warned, on the computer screen, about the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on the hard drive. Information pertinent to this configuration is available in instructions and manuals of the browser itself.

The author of this blog is not responsible for any of the advertisements displayed by third parties.