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Letra “Kidz (VNM) – Bản Lo-Fi Audio Số 2” Official Lyrics Sau ngày hôm đóCả hai phải dừng liên lạcChiếc smartphone cầm tayCũng đã không thường xuyên sạcNếu một ngày em đã quênCũng đã đến lúc mình nênBức hình nền trong điện thoạiPhải đổi thành giao diện khácXin lỗi vì anh đây đã không tiện […]
Letra “COCAINE KRUEGER – SUPA BUMP” Official Lyrics [Verse]You better ask about me bitch I put in the workDon’t need a shovel I dig in the dirtWe creepin’ low and I hop and I lurkThis shit is too deep, It’s making you nervousKilla mane [?]Fill you with bullets this is first degree murderGotta get rid of it [?] quickly remove […]
Letra “Squizzy – Fallin’” Official Lyrics UhUhNDOI remember before lil Danny diedHe told me I was the big brother he never hadHe said he wanted to be just like meSometimes I think it’s my fault All them long ass nights ain’t had nothing on my plateNo you niggas can’t relateI wish I went the other […]
Letra “Heartless Forever – Covenant (Lino Quiroga Remix)” Official Lyrics Live thy life as thou seest fit I left behind the old manDeep down, nowhere to be foundCut all the ties, severed myselfFrom what I thought was set in stone You can save yourselfYou need no one elseOpen your eyes to a new point of […]
Letra “Woodi – Landkreis” Official Lyrics [Part]Deutsch Rap ist ne Schlampe, niemand hat mehr authenticHeutzutage gehts darum wer die meisten Fans kriegtMöchtegern Gangster labern von BanküberfallJetzt frag ich mich was euer Vater dafür kannIhr seid als Kind in euren Träumen hängen gebliebenDenkt ihr werd Verbrecher, ihr sollt euch auf der Stelle verpissenDieser Haftbefehl denkt er wäre […]
Letra “Cut Short – A Familiar Face” Official Lyrics A thankless taskDrenched in fearSelfishly selfless“What are we doing here?”Film starts to flickerFate is sealedA garden of Eden where they lay becomes clear Eyes wide open yet he does not want to see“Is this what shall become of me?”Distorted recordsBuried truthA sobering taleWhere did they go?Why did they […]
Letra “A.I. The Anomaly – Choices” Official Lyrics AIYou could stay or you could leave (Lao la la la laa )Baby the choice is all yours (Lao la la la laa )You could pray or you could flee (Lao la la la laa )Baby the choice is all yours (Lao la la la laa ) […]
Letra “Thrive Worship – Praise God (Doxology) (Live)” Official Lyrics We are here to worshipCome bring your songGod’s done great thingsAnd He’s not doneLet the sound of heavenCome and flood the earthLet the saints rise upAs your glory fills the church For the Lord is goodAnd His love endures foreverHe is always goodAnd His love […]

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